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literary management"Story Merchant" Dr. Ken Atchity has spent his lifetime helping writers get started with and improve their careers. For nearly twenty years as a professor of literature and teacher of creative writing at Occidental College and UCLA - then since 1995, through through Writer's Lifeline and as a literary manager with AEI Online Dr. Atchity has helped literally hundreds of writers find a market for their work by bringing their craft and technique to the level of their ambition and vision. More

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Writer's Lifeline clients in blue,

Story Merchant Books in black and underlined,

AEI- or Story Merchant-represented books sold to traditional publishers, in black and NOT underlined

*New York Times Bestsellers

+Dramatic deal made

  1. Abbadon, Michael. Snowblind (Story Merchant Books).
  2. Allen, Jack. Marilyn by Moonlight. (Barclay House).
  3. Alten, Steve. Domain (Tor).
  4. +Alten, Steve. Goliath (Tor). Development with David Foster/Belle Avery.
  5. *+Alten, Steve. Meg (Doubleday-Bantam). Development with Walt Disney Pictures, New Line, Warner.
  6. Alten, Steve. Resurrection (Tor).
  7. +Alten, Steve. The Loch (Tor). Development with Belle Avery.
  8. Alten, Steve. The Trench (Kensington-Pinnacle).
  9. Amernic, Jerry. The Last Witness (Story Merchant Books).
  10. Amernic, Jerry. Qumran (Story Merchant Books).
  11. Anderson, Nicole Sallak. eHuman Dawn (Story Merchant Books).
  12. Anderson, Nicole Sallak. eHuman Deception (Story Merchant Books).
  13. +Angsten, David. Dark Gold (Thomas Dunne). Development with Blue Moon.
  14. Angsten, David. Night of the Furies (Thomas Dunne).
  15. Areu, Cathy. Latino Wisdom (Barricade Books).
  16. Atleson, Jay. Platinum Blackmail (Story Merchant Books).
  17. Avallone, Michael. The Alarming Clock (Story Merchant Books).
  18. Avallone, Michael. Assassins Don’t Die in Bed (Story Merchant Books).
  19. Avallone, Michael. The Bedroom Bolero (Story Merchant Books).
  20. Avallone, Michael. The Case of the Bouncing Betty (Story Merchant Books).
  21. Avallone, Michael. The Case of the Violent Virgin (Story Merchant Books).
  22. Avallone, Michael. The Crazy Mixed-Up Corpse (Story Merchant Books).
  23. Avallone, Michael. Dead Game (Story Merchant Books).
  24. Avallone, Michael. Death Dives Deep (Story Merchant Books).
  25. Avallone, Michael. Devil, Devil (Story Merchant Books).
  26. Avallone, Michael. The Doomsday Bag (Story Merchant Books).
  27. Avallone, Michael. Fallen Angel (Story Merchant Books).
  28. Avallone, Michael. The Fat Death (Story Merchant Books).
  29. Avallone, Michael. The February Doll Murders (Story Merchant Books).
  30. Avallone, Michael. The Flower-Covered Corpse (Story Merchant Books).
  31. Avallone, Michael. The Girl in the Cockpit (Story Merchant Books).
  32. Avallone, Michael. The Horrible Man (Story Merchant Books).
  33. Avallone, Michael. The Hot Body (Story Merchant Books).
  34. Avallone, Michael. Kill Her— You’ll Like it (Story Merchant Books).
  35. Avallone, Michael. Killer on the Keys (Story Merchant Books).
  36. Avallone, Michael. Little Miss Murder (Story Merchant Books).
  37. Avallone, Michael. The Living Bomb (Story Merchant Books).
  38. Avallone, Michael. London Bloody London (Story Merchant Books).
  39. Avallone, Michael. Lust Is No Lady (Story Merchant Books).
  40. Avallone, Michael. Meanwhile Back at the Morgue (Story Merchant Books).
  41. Avallone, Michael. Shoot It Again, Sam (Story Merchant Books).
  42. Avallone, Michael. The Spitting Image (Story Merchant Books).
  43. Avallone, Michael. The Tall Dolores (Story Merchant Books).
  44. Avallone, Michael. There Is Something about a Dame (Story Merchant Books).
  45. Avallone, Michael. The Werewolf Walks Tonight (Story Merchant Books).
  46. Avallone, Michael. Violence in Velvet (Story Merchant Books).
  47. Avallone, Michael. The Voodoo Murders (Story Merchant Books).
  48. Avallone, Michael. The X-Rated Corpse (Story Merchant Books).
  49. Batstone, David. Saving the Corporate Soul (Jossey-Bass).
  50. Bazan M.D., Nicolas. The Dark Madona: A Fable of Resiliency and Imagination (Story Merchant Books).
  51. +Bazan M.D., Nicolas. Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind (Five Star Publications). Independent movie.
  52. Berg, Barbara. How to Escape the No-Win Trap (McGraw-Hill).
  53. Berger, Thomas Jay. Dueling in Death’s Backyard. (Story Merchant Books).
  54. Bielagus, Peter A. Why Bother (Story Merchant Books).
  55. Bielagus, Peter. Getting Loaded (NAL).
  56. Bielagus, Peter. Quick Cash for Teens (Sterling).
  57. *+Blaine, Gerald with Lisa McCubbin. The Kennedy Detail (Gallery Books). Emmy-nominated Discovery Documentary.
  58. Blaskovich, Jerry M. Anatomy of Deceit (Dunhill Press).
  59. Blodgett, Buck. A Message from Jessie: The Incredible True Story of Murder and Miracles in the Heartland (Story Merchant Books).
  60. Blodgett, Carol Sabel. Wanderer (Story Merchant Books).
  61. Bonham, Howard. Dictionary for Investors (Adams Media).
  62. Borchert, William G. How I Became My Father…a Drunk (Story Merchant Books).
  63. Bott, Gale. Budget Bucks in Your Lap: Become a More Successful Whitetail Hunter Anywhere (Story Merchant Books).
  64. Bouma, Sarian. Welfare to Millionaire (Xlibris).
  65. Bown, T.M. Lost Oasis. (Story Merchant Books).
  66. Brown, Joyce H. Heavenly Answers to Earthly Questions (NAL).
  67. Buckingham, Royce. The Dead Boys (Penguin Putnam).
  68. Buckingham, Royce. Demoneater (Story Merchant Books).
  69. *+Buckingham, Royce. Demonkeeper (Puffin). Development with Fox 2000.
  70. Buckingham, Royce. Demonocity (Story Merchant Books).
  71. Buckingham, Royce. Goblins! An Under Earth Adventure (Putnam).
  72. *+Buckingham, Royce Scott. Impasse (Thomas Dunne Books). Development with Macmillan.
  73. *+Buckingham, Royce Scott. The Terminals (Thomas Dunne Books). Development with Macmillan.
  74. Buffone, Gary. The Myth of Tomorrow (McGraw-Hill).
  75. Buffone, Gary. Choking on the Silver Spoon (Simplon Press).
  76. Bull, Ian. The Picture Kills (Story Merchant Books).
  77. Burke, Abbot George. Simply Heavenly: The Monastery Vegetarian Handbook (Macmillan). 
  78. Cantrell, Robert L. Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War (Center for Advantage).
  79. Cervasio, Joe. Now or Never: The 11 Secrets of Arimathea (Xulon Press).
  80. Christofferson, April. Alpha Female (Forge).
  81. Christofferson, April. Buffalo Medicine (Forge).
  82. Christofferson, April. Patent to Kill (Forge).
  83. Dames, Jamise. Momma’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe. (Atria).
  84. +Davis, Patricia. A Midnight Carol (St. Martin's Press). Development with HBO/Pace Productions.
  85. Dembik, Robert. Rise Above It All NOW (Story Merchant Books).
  86. DePorter, Bobbi. Quantum Success (Learning Forum Publications).
  87. De Silva, Captain John. Troubled Waters (Story Merchant Books).
  88. De Simone, Angela. My Funeral, My Way: A Journal for Those Who Like to Assist in Planning Their Own Funeral (Story Merchant Books).
  89. Diehl, William. Chameleon (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  90. Diehl, William. Hooligans (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  91. Diehl, William. Primal Fear (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  92. Diehl, William, and Kenneth John Atchity. Seven Way to Die (AEI Books).
  93. Diehl, William. Sharky’s Machine (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  94. Diehl, William. Thai Horse (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  95. Diehl, William. The Hunt (aka 27) (Ballantine and AEI Books).
  96. Eckel, Wendy. Murder at Barclay Meadow. (Thomas Dunne).
  97. Eckel, Wendy. Death at the Day Lily Café. (Thomas Dunne).
  98. Edelson, Elaine. Aries Fire (Story Merchant Books).
  99. Enders, Echo. Texas Hard (Story Merchant Books).
  100. Enders, Echo. Capri Rendezvous (Story Merchant Books).
  101. Enders, Echo. Tryst in Paradise (Story Merchant Books).
  102. Farmer, T.L. Project Nephili  (Story Merchant Books).
  103. Feitelberg, Susan. The Net Worth Workout (Amacom).
  104. Fowler III, George J. My Cuba Libre: Bringing Fidel Castro to Justice (Story Merchant Books).
  105. Freedman, Benedict. Us, A Duography (Story Merchant Books).
  106. *Freedman, Ben & Nancy. Mrs. Mike (Story Merchant Books).
  107. Freedman, Nancy. Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Story Merchant Books).
  108. *Freedman, Nancy. Joshua: Son of None (Story Merchant Books). In Development with Nick Grillo Productions.
  109. Freedman, Nancy. Sacrificial Lamb (Story Merchant Books).
  110. Freedman, Nancy. Sappho: The Tenth Muse (St. Martin's Press).
  111. Freedman, Nancy. There Was a Girl, There Was a Boy (Story Merchant Books).
  112. Freedman, Nancy. The Wayfarer (Story Merchant Books).
  113. Frishman, Rick. Bestselling Book Proposals (Adams Media).
  114. Furst, Andrew. Western Lights: A Collection of Essays on Buddhism (Story Merchant Books).
  115. Garrastazu, Georgina. Jaguars (Story Merchant Books).
  116. Gilbert, Lois. River of Summer (Onyx). 
  117. Gilbert, Lois. Without Mercy (Onyx). 
  118. Grangaard, Paul. Plan Right for Retirement (Perigree Trade).
  119. Grant, Robin Johns. Summer’s Winter (Story Merchant Books).
  120. Greenleaf, Clinton. The Gentleman's Guide to Appearance (Adams Media). 
  121. Greenleaf, Clinton. The Gentleman's Guide to Etiquette (Adams Media). 
  122. Guerra. BIFF (Story Merchant Books).
  123. Halik, Nick. The Thrillionaire (Nik Halik).
  124. Herriot, Jim, and Oona Mourier, Sexual Archetypes: The Theater of the Bedroom (Rockport)
  125. Hill, Clint and Lisa McCubbin. Five Days in November (Gallery Books).
  126. *+Hill, Clint and Lisa McCubbin. Mrs. Kennedy and Me (Story Merchant Books) Development with Marc Platt Productions.
  127. Hillebrecht, James A. A Rage in the Heavens (Story Merchant Books).
  128. Hillebrecht, James A. Darkness Ascending (Story Merchant Books).
  129. Hillebrecht, James A. Upon This World of Stone (Story Merchant Books).
  130. Hines, S.D. Ariadne: A Tale of the Minotaur (Story Merchant Books).
  131. Hines, S.D. Medusa (Story Merchant Books).
  132. Hoerr, Timothy. Thank God It's Monday Morning (Celebrity Press). 
  133. *Holt, Ian & Dacre Stoker. Dracula: The Un-Dead (Dutton).
  134. Hopper, Robert M. The Book of Adam (Doublethumb Press)
  135. Houston, Mark, M.D., with Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor, What Your Doctor Won't Tell you About Hypertension (Warner Books)
  136. J., Tucker Craig, Fields of the Holy (Story Merchant Books).
  137. Johnson, Alaya. Moonshine (St. Martin’s).
  138. Johnson, Alaya Dawn. Racing the Dark (Bolden).
  139. Johnson, Alaya Dawn. The Burning City (Bolden).
  140. Johnson, Art. Deadly Impressions. (Story Merchant Books).
  141. Johnson, Art. The Devil’s Violin (Story Merchant Books).
  142. Kahane, Allan. Fire with Fire (Pyro Publishing).
  143. Kim, Phillip Y. A Hidden Moon (Story Merchant Books).
  144. Koury, Phil A. Yes, Mr. DeMille: At the Right Hand of a Hollywood God (Story Merchant Books).
  145. Learning Annex Series: Sullivan, Ann T. Uncluttering Your Space (Wiley).
  146. Learning Annex Series: Lin, Meihwa. The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui (Wiley).
  147. Lieberman, Jennifer. Aural Sex: Naughty Notes for Lovers  (Story Merchant Books).
  148. Loewenstein, Evan. Sex, Money and Betrayal: Confessions of an Alleged Kingpin (Story Merchant Books).
  149. *Lundberg, Gary and Joy. I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better (Viking).
  150. Lundberg, Gary and Joy. Marriage, For Better Not Worse (Viking).
  151. Lyles, Milton E. The Bayou Trilogy: The Candle Seller (Story Merchant Books).
  152. Lyles, Milton E. The Bayou Trilogy: The Cruelest Lie (Story Merchant Books).
  153. Lyles, Milton. The Bayou Trilogy: The Other Side of Tomorrow. (Story Merchant Books)
  154. +Lynch, Rick. 180 Seconds at Willow Park (Dove) Development with Propaganda Films.
  155. Malcor, Linda A. Dragon Heart (Story Merchant Books).
  156. Marlow, John Robert. Nano (Forge/St. Martin's). Development with Blue Tulip.
  157. Maroney, Dianne. The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope and Love (Yampa Valley Publishing)
  158. Martinez, Floyd. Spirits of the High Mesa (Arte Publico).
  159. Mason, Elizabeth. The Rag Street Journal: A Guide to Thrift Shops in North America (St. Martin's Press).
  160. Mason, Elizabeth. Valuable Vintage (Clarkson-Potter). 
  161. McCormick, Jane & Patti Wicklund. Rat Pack Party Girl: From Prostitute to Women’s Advocate (Story Merchant Books).
  162. *McMillan, Allison. When I Loved Myself Enough (St. Martin's Press). 
  163. Medina, Jason. Dark Dawn (Story Merchant Books).
  164. Miller, Jock. Fossil River (Story Merchant Books).
  165. Mitchell. The Attack on Khoda Bridge (Story Merchant Books).
  166. Mitchell, Thomas J. Light & Shadow (Story Merchant Books).
  167. +Mosteller, Misti D. The Fat Rules (Story Merchant Books). Development via Paradigm.
  168. Mourier, Oona & James Herriot. The 9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss (Quiver).
  169. Murray, Michael. InsurrectionRed (Dutton). 
  170. Murray, Michael. BlackLight (Dutton). 
  171. Murray, Michael. ForceGold (Dutton).
  172. Nelson, Ph. D., Audrey with Susan K. Golant, M.A. You Don’t Say: Navigating Nonverbal Communication Between the Sexes (Prentice Hall Press).
  173. Noire, Mary B. Morrison. Maneater (Dafina).
  174. Noire, Queen & 50 Cent. Baby Brother (Gallery).
  175. Noire, Queen. From the Streets to the Sheets (Ballantine/One World).
  176. Noire, Queen. Dirty Rotten Liar (Dafina Books).
  177. Noire, Queen. G-Spot (Strivers Row, Ballantine)
  178. Noire, Queen. Hittin’ the Bricks  (Ballantine/One World).
  179. Noire, Queen. Hood (Atria).
  180. Noire, Queen. Natural Born Liar (Dafina Books).
  181. Noire, Queen. Red Hot Liar (Dafina Books).
  182. Noire, Queen. Thong on Fire (Atria).
  183. Noire, Queen. Thug-A-Licious (Ballantine/One World).
  184. Noire, Queen. Unzipped (Ballantine/One World).
  185. +Ott, Martin. The Interrogator’s Notebook (Story Merchant Books). In development as series with Prairie via Paradigm.
  186. +Palmer, Shirley. The Danger Zone (Mira). Development with Larry Marks Productions). 
  187. Palmer, Shirley. The Trade (Mira). 
  188. +Palumbo, Dennis. City Wars (Story Merchant Books). In development as series with Vince Gerardis.
  189. +Palumbo, Dennis. Fever Dream (Poisoned Pen Press). In development as series with Prairie.
  190. +Palumbo, Dennis. Mirror Image (Poisoned Pen Press). In development as series with Prairie.
  191. +Palumbo, Dennis. Phantom Limb (Poisoned Pen Press). In development as series with Prairie.
  192. Papillon, Lucy. When Hope Can Kill (Celebrity Press). 
  193. +Parker, Suzi. Sex in the South (Justin, Charles & Co.). In development as Lifetime movie.
  194. +Parton, Kem. End of the Line (Book Republic Press). Development with Blue Tulip.
  195. +Patricks, Ryan. You’re Not Helping. Story Merchant Books). Development with Prairie.
  196. Paul, Bill and Cindy. Shadow of an Indian Star (Synergy Books).
  197. Pena, Richard. Last Plane Out of Saigon (Story Merchant Books).
  198. Pierre, James E. Gambino: The Rise: A Novel Based on the True Story (Story Merchant Books).
  199. Poduska, Bud. Till Debt Do Us Part (Deseret). 
  200. *+Pratt, James Michael. The Last Valentine (St. Martin's; Hallmark Hall of Fame). 
  201. *Pratt, James Michael. The Lighthouse Keeper (St. Martin's).
  202. Pratt, James Michael. Ticket Home (St. Martin's).
  203. Pratt, James Michael. Paradise Bay (St. Martin’s).
  204. Price-Thompson, Tracy. 1-900-Anytime (Atria).
  205. Price-Thompson, Tracy. A Woman’s Worth (Ballantine/One World).
  206. Price-Thompson, Tracy. Gather Together In My Name (Atria).
  207. Price-Thompson, Tracy. Knockin’ Boots (Ballantine/One World).
  208. Reid, John Stuart. Conversations with Dolphins (Story Merchant Books).
  209. *+Ripley Entertainment. The Amazing World of Robert Ripley (Black Dog & Leventhal). Development at MGM.
  210. Ripley Entertainment. Ripley's Encyclopedia of the Strange & Bizarre (Black Dog & Leventhal).
  211. +Ripley Entertainment. Ripley Comics. Development at Dark Horse Entertainment. 
  212. Roach, Darby. Your Three Second Window (Morgan James).
  213. Rocco, Nola. The Hollywood Facelift (Arlington House). 
  214. Robertson, Dr. Jin Kyu (Suh). Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard PhD (Story Merchant Books).
  215. Rogers, Elizabeth Wall. Yankee Gold  (Story Merchant Books).
  216. +Rossi, Mitchell. The Hong Kong Sanction (Pinnacle). Development with Saban Entertainment.
  217. +Saban, Cheryl. Sins of the Mother (Dove) Development at Saban Entertainment.
  218. Sagner, James. Success through Cashflow Engineering (AMACOM). 
  219. Schiller, Jeffrey. Second Chances (Story Merchant Books).
  220. Schwartz, Alvin. An Unlikely Prophet (Divina).
  221. Schwartz, Tammy & George Klembith. Invitation to Sanctuary (Barclay House)
  222. +Shepherd, John Scott. Eulogy for Joseph Way (Rugged Land; Pocket). Development with John Wells.
  223. +Shepherd, John Scott. Henry's List of Wrongs (Rugged Land; Pocket). Development with Zide-Perry Films/New Line.
  224. Shepherd, John Scott. Layover (Rugged Land). 
  225. +Shepherd, John Scott. The Dead Father’s Guide to Sex & Marriage (Pocket). Development with Marc Platt.
  226. Simpson, Michael A. Sons of Our Fathers (Story Merchant Books).
  227. Simpson, Michael R. Bruises: Divorce, Crazyland, Jiu-jitsu… a Memoir (Story Merchant Books)
  228. +Smith, Carol. The Magic Castle: My Son Was a Multiple (St. Martin's Press). Development at Lifetime.
  229. Smith, Lauren Michelle. Take Heart. (Story Merchant Books).
  230. Smith, Lauren Michelle. Catching Raven (Story Merchant Books).
  231. Stanfill, Francesca. Das Labyrinth von Wakefield Hall (Story Merchant Books).
  232. Stanfill, Francesca. Leonardo in Venice: An Essay (Story Merchant Books).
  233. Stanfill, Francesca. Shadows & Light (Story Merchant Books).
  234. Stanfill, Francesca. Wakefield Hall (Story Merchant Books).
  235. Stanfill, Terry. Les Royaumes dorés (Story Merchant Books).
  236. Stanfill, Terry. Realms of Gold (Story Merchant Books).
  237. Stern, Tom. King Pirate (Story Merchant Books).
  238. *Stoker, Dacre and Ian Holt. Dracula the Un-Dead (Dutton).
  239. Tara, Jane. Forecast (Momentum).
  240. Taylor, Mary. The Art of Seduction (Three Rivers/Random House). 
  241. Taylor, Mary. Bedroom Games (Three Rivers Press).
  242. Taylor, Nadine. 25 Natural Ways to Relieve MPS (Warner Books).
  243. Tefft, Gregory. The Tefft Diet (Dragon Door).
  244. Tham, Rina. Lucky Number 9: Journey of a Rubber Tapper’s Daughter. (Story Merchant Books).
  245. +Thompson, Larry D. Dead Peasants. (Thomas Dunne). Development with Michael R. Goldstein.
  246. Thompson, Larry D.  The Insanity Plea. (Story Merchant Books).
  247. Thompson, Larry D. So Help Me God. (Thomas Dunne; Story Merchant Books).
  248. Thompson, Larry D. The Trial. (Thomas Dunne).
  249. Thompson, Larry D. Dark Money (Story Merchant Books).
  250. Vandor, Violet, A Silent Night (Story Merchant Books).
  251. *Ventura, Governor Jesse. I Ain't Got Time to Bleed (Villard). 
  252. *Ventura, Governor Jesse. Do I Stand Alone? (Pocket).
  253. +Walsh, Dennis M. Nobody Walks (St. Martin Press). Development with MGM.
  254. Walsh, R. Lee. Irin (Story Merchant Books).
  255. Walsh, R. Lee. The Last Scribe Prequels (Story Merchant Books).
  256. Walsh, R. Lee. Scepter (Story Merchant Books).
  257. Walsh, R. Lee. Sheva (Story Merchant Books).
  258. Walsh, R. Lee. Son of Sam (Story Merchant Books).
  259. White, Sarah. The Arousal Plan (Story Merchant Books).
  260. Wieder, Marcia. Doing Less and Having More (Story Merchant Books).
  261. Wieder, Marcia. Life Is But a Dream (Story Merchant Books).+Woodruff, Warren L. Dr. Fuddle and the Gold Baton (Story Merchant Books). Development with Del Mar EPS.

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