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Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Twenty hours of one-on-one professional assistance and guidance goes a very long way toward making your writing and publishing dreams a reality.

To get started, we'll assess what you've written for its strengths and weaknesses, and we'll consult with you about what you've been thinking of writing. We'll help you distinguish between your back-burner projects and the project that is most likely to be your break into the market.

Every writer is unique, and Writer's Lifeline editors match the appropriate talent to every challenge in nonfiction.

If you need help with bringing your book into dramatic and/or marketing focus, outlining the correct number of chapters, bringing your style to trade level, we'll not only do that but also teach you how to identify the audience for your work-a marketing necessity that will serve you time and again throughout your writing career.

Our experienced editors can help you with the proper balance between narration and anecdotes, dramatic structure, and the nuts and bolts of the language that is the tool of our trade. Writer's Lifeline will diagnose your condition, prescribe the remedy, and stay by your side to ensure that it is having the desired effect.

Though you'll be immediately assigned to an editor for initial assessment purposes, you will have complete flexibility in terms of how your editorial hours are spent.

Often, our clients develop strong ongoing relationships with a single editor-the kind of relationships that transform creative careers. But clients are also encouraged to allocate their hours toward achieving a wider perspective by exposing their developing projects to the supportive critical eyes of a team of Writer's Lifeline editors.

Whichever way you choose to go, you can trust that Writer's Lifeline will keep the editorial standards and commercial focus high, and give you support and perspective in understanding and responding to everything our editors tell you.

writers lifeline FLAT RATE: $2500.00

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