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literary management"Story Merchant" Dr. Ken Atchity has spent his lifetime helping writers get started with and improve their careers. For nearly twenty years as a professor of literature and teacher of creative writing at Occidental College and UCLA - then since 1995, through through Writer's Lifeline and as a literary manager with AEI Online Dr. Atchity has helped literally hundreds of writers find a market for their work by bringing their craft and technique to the level of their ambition and vision. More

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Maybe your friends and family members already refer to you as the Writer, and maybe you've even changed their lives with what you've written, but until somebody in the publishing or entertainment industry makes it real for you, it's impossible to know where you and your writing stand in terms of the competitive marketplace. Click here to see a sample analysis

The Writer's Lifeline Launch Analysis service will give you what your friends and family members can't and shouldn't try to give you: detailed and directive professional perspective and feedback in frankly commercial terms.

The Launch Analysis is a written assessment of your project's strengths and weaknesses - both literary and from a marketing viewpoint--prepared for you by a Writer's Lifeline editor under Dr. Atchity’s supervision and review. The analysis addresses such specific issues as your novel's action line, characters, dialogue, setting, and style; or your nonfiction work’s clarity, organization, impact; and includes itemized style notes as well. The analysis will help you to see your project the way it is seen by the buyers and the sellers in the business, and will point you the way toward successful revision.

It’s also the most economical way to make us knowledgeable of your project, as a basis for our further assistance.

If you think you're ready to seek publication, or if you've already been seeking publication unsuccessfully, the Writer's Lifeline Launch Analysis will open your eyes to the issues and concerns that underlie those unforthcoming rejection letters that are a part of every aspiring writer's life.

Click here to get started on your launch analysis now, or email us to learn more about why you shouldn't hesitate to take advantage of this service.

Based on the format received by screenwriters-in-development from the studios and/or production companies developing their scripts, The Writer’s Lifeline provides you with professional industry notes aimed at sharpening the story and taking advantage of its commercial potential—putting your best foot forward.

Charge: Treatment: $500 Screenplay: $900

You’ve heard the word, but what is it?

Before a script makes it to "acceptance" it must pass through the kangaroo court called "coverage."

That’s the name of the document created by someone in the company’s story department, aimed at log-lining, synopsizing, and providing comments on the script’s strong points - along with a final "recommendation" that may be "pass," "pass, but keep writer in mind," "consider," or "recommend."

In addition, a chart rates the script’s character development, visual potential, dialogue, structure, etc. on a scale of 1 to 5.

A great way to see what "the other side of the table" thinks of your project before you set out to do that "final revision." Our Project Launch Analysis is an "extended coverage" that will show you exactly how professional development executives think - about your script!

Charge: Treatment $500 Screenplay: $900

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$150 Quick Writing Analysis
literary managementLarry Thompson, author of The Trial, began his legal career at age twenty-three and successfully tried seven district court cases before his twenty-fourth birthday.

literary management Early in his career as a trial lawyer he would often try fifteen or twenty cases in a year. Now he has tried over three hundred cases with a success rate exceeding ninety percent. He has been named a "Texas Super Lawyer" ... More
literary managementJames Michael Pratt “The Lost Valentine” New York Times Bestseller and Hallmark Hall of Fame movie starring Betty White. Set up Pratt’s career for repeated bestsellers.
literary managementJesse Ventura - We worked with him to find the "mythic substructure" of his life adventure culminating in being elected governor of Minnesota - and built the book, which became a New York Times bestseller, around the "Labors of Hercules."
literary managementSteve Alten - After a few months' work with Writer's Lifeline, he went from being broke to having a million dollar studio deal, and a two million dollar book deal to launch his career as a New York Times bestseller.